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    + Perfect for lean mass gains
    + 3:1 ratio
    + Formulated with waxy-maize

    Waxy Mass™ is the perfect high quality weight gaining product from Red X Lab™! Our research team has come up with an advanced mass building formula that will help you get the results you expect from your weight gainer.

    With a carbohydrate to protein ratio close to 3 to 1, Waxy Mass™ ensures maximum protein absorption and adequate muscle recuperation. The greatest innovation is the source of carbohydrate present in the formula. Red X Lab™ presents the ORIGINAL weight gainer formula to use WAXY-MAIZE as its primary source of carbohydrate. WAXY-MAIZE is known to give its user a quick recuperation without spiking blood-sugar levels. The high quality and well-balanced amino profile of the proteins contained in Waxy Mass™ will help you maintain a positive nitrogen balance. This means that you have a sufficient quality protein intake so that you can remain in an anabolic state. Waxy Mass™ ensures that your body is in a constantly growing!


    Gluten free

    Some people have digestive problems when using gluten-containing products. Waxy Mass™ is gluten free to offer a pleasant experience.

    How to use Waxy Mass™: Mix 4 heaping scoops of Waxy Mass™ in 14oz to 16oz of your favorite beverage. Drink one serving within 30 minutes after your workout and two other half-servings during the day, between meals or as directed by your health care professional to maximize your body's growth potential.